"Auntie" always doesn’t come from time to time?Except for staying up late, these four causes cannot be ignored

Women’s performance has always maintained a normal rule of menstruation, reflecting health from the side, which is a sign of good ovarian function and stable endocrine.However, if you have health problems or have a long -term error habit to hurt your body, menstruation is usually irregular, which is manifested as the incoming menstrual time, and the increased or decrease of menstruation.To find out the reason behind, it is better to deal with it as soon as possible.So, in addition to staying up late, what are the reasons for irregular menstruation?

Staying up late for a long time will interfere with endocrine and accelerate aging, leading to irregular menstruation.In addition, there are often negative emotions, and do not know how to release pressure. Under the impact of high pressure, people are anxious, nervous, and emotional fluctuations are interfered with endocrine. Some people have menstrual disorders, and some people have mental health problems.

If you often get angry because of the pressure brought by life or work, it is best to find the help of a psychologist in time, or to cultivate your interest to transfer your attention. You can usually talk to friends and communicate.

Irregular menstruation and many women’s errors are related to losing weight. If you want to maintain health, you should lose weight properly. In the process, you should not die too much.

Although most people’s obesity is related to diet, it does not mean that the less eating, the better. Some people do not eat breakfast, do not eat dinner or only be vegetarian for a long time. Once the energy and nutrients are lackingIt is difficult to bear, including decreased resistance, instability of blood sugar, endocrine disorders, etc. Some people have irregular menstruation and even decreased fertility. Even if they want to lose weight, the basic nutritional needs must be met.

Irregular menstruation is related to random use of drugs. Some women often use emergency contraceptives during contraceptives. Although good medicines can be used to prevent women from accidental pregnancy, this approach is not advocated.Emergency contraceptives are best to choose without doing well in other contraceptive methods. It is recommended that men bring condoms, so that they are good for men and women.

However, some people do not take good protection measures. They just rely on taking contraceptives before or afterwards. Under the action of drugs, they may affect women’s endocrine. After long -term drug dependence, some people will have irregular menstruation and need to stop taking medicine to improve.

Irregular menstruation and some types of diseases are related to the development. If the cause is not found, and actively cooperating with treatment may increase and even cause other symptoms.

The diseases that cause irregular menstruation include uterine fibroids, adenomia, genitals inflammation, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometrial polyps, and thyroid disease.Other people have chronic consumer diseases, which will also destroy the body and show irregular menstruation. The disease needs to be discovered in a timely manner.

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