"Approximately" into the final examination of colleges and universities, school education exploration forward

China Youth Network Wuhan, January 29th (Reporter Hu Jinping) Recently, Sichuan Normal University held the final test of the "College Student Health and Sexual Civilization" course.Looking at the phenomenon of college students? "Once this test question was exposed, it immediately caused heated discussion on public opinion.There are critics, and those who look at the lively, of course, there is no shortage of praise.After the fermentation of public opinion, this "appointment cannon" test has become a magic problem for modern Chinese education.

Sexual education in Chinese schools is a common topic.Especially in the newly added infection of AIDS, more than 80%of the infected people are spread through sexual channels. Today, there are not uncommon for adolescent abortion. Today, in today’s sexual assaults.In particular, adolescent students are confused and worried about hundreds of millions of parents, and it has also attracted more and more attention from all walks of life.But the reality is that the situation of "sexual changes" is still common, and sex education is still rejected by too many people.How to carry out sex education and how sex education forms the theoretical system. All these explorations are still long -term.

All sectors of society have been arguing whether to carry out sexual education at school.(Drawing: Intern He Yiming)

Students no longer talk about "sex" color changes

Compared to the "sex" changes in people’s impressions, most students now talk about sex, and most of them can be calm.

"The school has held a lecture on physiological knowledge for girls. Some teachers have talked about the vocabulary such as ‘menstruation’ and ‘early tide’.For the first time, girls have heard such content. They feel curious and embarrassed, so many people will deliberately chat with the table to cover up.

A sixth -grade boy said that although the school did not offer courses, there are many contents about adolescence on television and the Internet, so he understands sexual knowledge.

Compared with elementary and middle school students, college students look much natural."I think the school’s development of sex education is necessary, and the sooner the better." Xiao Zhou, a junior student of Wuhan Vocational and Technical College, said that he had not received sex education in the school before. Many girls were scared when they came to the beginning of the tide.The development of the chest is also afraid to tell you because of shyness. These are because of the lack of related education.Xiao Zhou also said that there are many students in love with early love and many sexual behaviors. "Many students are pregnant because of the lack of protection measures, and finally go to abortion."

However, some students expressed doubts about sex education entering the classroom.Xiao Qin, a sophomore girl in the Central South National University, believes that the information technology is very developed, and there are many related knowledge on the Internet. In fact, many students can understand through the Internet. There is no need to teach in schools.

In Wuhan, a university, Huazhong Normal University is the only university that has opened a systematic education. Many students in the school said, "I have never heard of sex sciences, which is equivalent to not reading books in the Chinese teacher."Upper -sex education courses allow yourself to well understand common sense of physiology and hygiene, know how to properly handle the relationship with the opposite sex, how to correctly treat pre -marital sex, etc. ".A sophomore boy in Huazhong Normal University said that sex education is not only sex, but also involves social problems such as patriarchal women and homosexuality. Through sex education, it can help themselves establish correct value orientations.

Parents of sex education to enter the classroom are very supportive

During the interview, the reporter found that the vast majority of parents supported the school’s development of sexual education.

"When facing the child’s" how I came ", I will deal with the crystallization of" You are the crystallization of your parents’ love "." Ms. Zhang, who lives in the Houkou District, said that it feels embarrassing to explain these questions with the child.Tell the truth to the child, but don’t know how to speak."The key is no way. If the school can offer related education courses, it will have a good guidance for the children’s sexual enlightenment."

"The school’s previous knowledge involving sex education was very subtle, hiding, and some children not only did not understand, but more confused. If the school offers some practical and close to life education courses, children not only learned knowledge, they would also be knowledgeable, but they would also be knowledgeable, but they would also be knowledgeable, but they would also be knowledgeable.Know how to protect yourself and respect others. "Said Mr. Zhou, a parent of a student of a student of Guohu Lake No. 1 in Wuhan.

Professional education teachers lack school concerns still

In Wuhan Chongren Road Primary School, when a lecturer talked about sensitive words such as "nocturnal emission" and "first tide", most students buried their heads shyly, and the teacher became a little embarrassed."I don’t have a systematic knowledge about this aspect. When I tell students, I always feel insufficient, and I have some restrained." Said Li Aihua, a Chinese teacher in the third grade of elementary school.

Other primary schools in Wuhan also have concerns about carriedout education.Peng Pan, director of the Political and Education Division of a primary school in Laou District, said: "Sexual education in primary school lacks professional teachers. Some teachers have no medical foundation, and it is difficult to teach."

"Our teacher is also afraid of carrying out too many related teaching, but it will cause their curiosity and stimulate their impulse." A middle school teacher expressed the embarrassment of sex education.

Zhang Jiguang, president of Wuchang District Experimental Primary School, Wuhan City, said that sex education should consider Chinese national conditions, national culture and sexual concepts, boldly explore and treat them with caution."Sexual knowledge is a dead thing. How to teach is the most important. Teachers must grasp the education standards and teaching methods, and this is also what the school currently lacks."

Carrying out sexual education, public welfare must help

Students study in the Qingai Cottage.Data map

Beijing Qingai Education Foundation (formerly Qingai Engineering Special Fund) is a public welfare institution that helps schools to carry out AIDS prevention, sexual health, mental health, and public welfare charitable education by raising social funds.Education is called "there is a saying, there is no way."The country’s support at the policy level also encourages schools to conduct sexual education, students have needs, and public opinion is also concerned, but there is still a lack of specific operating mechanisms.

"The Qingai Project has been carried out for ten years. Our approach is to intervene in a school, open Qingai huts, connect many resources to this school, and make a change.It attracted people’s attention and let sex education form the norm in school. "

Talking about "Qing Ai House", Li Qisheng also shared a real story for reporters.There were 1,100 children in Wenchuan, Sichuan. In 2007, the introduction of Qingai huts began to do sex education. At that time, a teacher named Yang Rong had always insisted on giving students sex education courses after receiving sexual education in Qingai Engineering Base.During the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the textbooks of sex education were buried. Yang Rong took the book out of the ruins. When she was 800 kilometers away, she insisted on teaching.Later, the school specially established the Qingai research team to develop more than 30 courses, which solved the problems worried by the school, teachers, parents and education bureaus. The teaching effect was very good.

Wenchuan’s sex education exploration has persisted for five or six years, and the Foundation began to try to spread the school’s successful experience. "We have also established Qingai Hut in other places, and in some places, we have achieved full coverage, such as Yingjiang in Yunnan.County. Now the Qingai huts have spread throughout 20 provinces and cities, more than 500 schools. "Li Qisheng said that the Qingai project will sort out the existing model in the next step, summarize the successful experience, and gradually advance the model of the hut from the bottom up.

Sex education should be integrated into daily teaching

Seventh Middle School (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Seventh Middle School) has conducted sex education since 2007. For 8 years, the school has continuously explored the combination of educational education with daily teaching, and adopted an infiltration discipline teaching to be unanimously recognized by all walks of life.

Luo Dengyuan, the president of Chengdu Seventh Middle School, told reporters that the school introduced Professor Hu Zhen of Chengdu University in 2007 and began to try health education.In 2010, in response to the call of the Sichuan Family Planning Association, and conducting living skills training at the junior high school stage, the school also combined the training goals, requirements and implementation methods with textbook teaching.Teaching in the four directions of class meetings completes the life skills training of all grades of junior high school students.

"Because it is to complete the teaching content in the daily teaching system, we call this method as an infiltrated discipline teaching." Luo Dengyuan said that the method of promoting the promotion of the seven medium education in Chengdu is closely integrated with daily education and teaching activities.There is no isolation to peel off sex education and daily learning, daily life and social life. "Because sex is combined with our daily life learning, school sex education has not encountered too much resistance.. "In addition, the school also developed a set of supporting textbooks" Flowing Season Navigation Youth Flying ".Until now, the school can basically meet the needs of sexual health education regardless of teacher teachers, material conditions, material conditions, or teaching systems and teaching methods.

For sex education, Luo Dengyuan has his own unique view: "The goal must be accurate and not generalized. Different ages of students are different. Primary school students can only accept their gender and gender characteristics.Adapt to this change. In addition, in the teaching of sex education, students must guide students to develop positive and correct interpersonal relationships, especially the relationship between the opposite sex. "Luo Dengyuan said that sex education should naturally be naturally teaching, subject learning and daily activities.Carry out so that teachers, students, and parents are happy to accept.

Establish a sex education system to formulate related policies

Peng Xiaohui, a professor, a master’s tutor, and a sexist at the School of Life Sciences of Huazhong Normal University.Data map

Peng Xiaohui, a professor, a master’s tutor, and a sexist at the School of Life Sciences of Huazhong Normal University for more than 20 years, has been criticized and questioned many times.On November 7, 2014, at the twelfth Guangzhou Municipal Culture Festival, Peng Xiaohui was also splashed with dirt during a sex science speech.

"Most of the current sex education is just fire -saving education. In addition, there is a trend of anti -sex education in the society." In Peng Xiaohui, sex safety education cannot be carried out alone.Parents will have exclusion. "Minors are sexually assaulted because they don’t know what’s going on and how to protect themselves, but it is wrong to explain these negative effects of these sexual sex."

Peng Xiaohui told reporters that the Ministry of Education has requirements for sex education over the years, and even stipulates that the knowledge structure of primary and secondary school teachers must have sexual knowledge.However, at present, most teachers do not learn this knowledge when studying at university. Therefore, Peng Xiaohui believes that the problem of insufficient sexual education is that the guidance of sexual science policy is not in place.Set up sexual science, give research funds, cultivate fixed researchers and teachers, and set up corresponding discipline courses. In this way, sex education can be fully implemented in schools and society."At present, domestic sexual studies are completely dependent on personal interests, and lack of subsequent professional academic echelons."

"Sexual education has a fundamental problem, that is, unknown names." Peng Xiaohui said that although the state has issued relevant administrative regulations to require sex education in schools, sex science is an independent discipline and set up in the Ministry of Education and set up in the Ministry of Education.There is no sexual science in the profession, which means that there is no such occupation preparation and no full -time teacher to study it, so this discipline cannot develop naturally.

In Peng Xiaohui, there is an ideal sex education environment. First of all, it is necessary to implement regulations, establish disciplines, establish majors, and cultivate talents.Then through two channels: one is to establish a professional, set up sex colleges, conduct academic education, and set up various majors; the second is to use the existing continuing education system to conduct basic training of sex education in the minds of primary and secondary schools to obtainRelated teaching qualifications."Two legs walk, continuing education to treat the standard, and professional degree education is the root cause."

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