"Answer a doubt" is still pregnant after taking the contraceptive pill. Can such a baby still ask?

Dear Zhong Liujun, I have sex after taking contraceptives, but I find pregnancy afterwards. Can such a baby still ask?

After taking contraceptives and pregnancy, can this child want?This problem must also bother many female friends in childbearing age.

Let’s take a good look at the emergency contraceptives together, make less mistakes, and leave less regrets.

Why are you pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?

The failure rate of emergency contraception is about 20%.Its role is to delay ovulation and not inhibit ovulation.

Therefore, if you have sex after taking the medicine, you may get pregnant.Because after taking contraceptives, ovulation may be ovulated.

In other words, emergency contraceptives are just sexual intercourse that day!Just take medicine at a time!

If you have ovulated before taking medicine, and do not take emergency contraceptives in time after sexual intercourse, of course, the chance of accidental pregnancy will increase.

In short, factors that do not take time in time, sexual intercourse, and no protective sexual intercourse may affect the contraceptive efficiency of emergency contraceptives.

What is emergency contraceptive?

Emergency contraception refers to remedial contraceptives to women in order to prevent non -willing pregnancy within a few hours or days after the failure of protective sexual life or contraceptive failure.The most commonly used method is emergency contraceptives.

It can be seen that emergency contraception, like artificial abortion, is a remedy after contraceptive failure.The former is to prevent pregnancy, and the latter is to terminate pregnancy.The purpose is to reduce unnecessary abortion, which is a measure to protect women.

However, because the public does not know enough about emergency contraceptives, inappropriate use or excessive use may become bad things.

Remind everyone to pay attention: emergency contraceptives cannot be used as a regular contraceptive method!

Principles of emergency contraceptive classification and role

Emergency contraceptives are divided into unilateral progestin and anti -progestin.


Unilateral progesterone

The ingredients of unilateral progesterone are left apexurone, and they are all non -prescription drugs. They do not need a doctor to prescribe the prescription and can be bought in a pharmacy.There are Yuting (0.75 mg) and Jin Yuting (1.5 mg).

The main principle of role is: before the eggs were discharged, the ovulation was delayed, which made sperm and eggs miss perfectly, thereby effectively preventing pregnancy and contraceptive effects.



The effective ingredient is Mepitetteragone (25mg). For prescription medicine, doctors need to prescribe prescriptions, but they can actually be bought in pharmacies.Mi -non -olone is a drug in the drug flow.

The main principle of function is: Mepone ketone and progesterone are competitive receptors, which plays a role in anti -progesterone, thereby preventing fertilized eggs from bed, termination of early pregnancy, and inducing menstrual menstrual tide.

Is there any side effects of emergency contraceptives?

Emergency contraceptives are high -doses of high -efficiency progesterone, and there must be certain side effects.feel sick and vomit.It usually lasts less than 24 hours.However, if you vomit one hour after taking, you should take a piece as soon as possible.Vaginal bleeding.His manifestations of endless bleeding.The general amount is relatively small, and no special treatment is required.If there are more bleeding than menstrual flow, you need to seek medical treatment.Menstruation delay.After a part of women taking emergency contraceptives, menstruation will be advanced or delayed.However, menstruation may be alert to whether there is a possibility of pregnancy.Breast pain, headache, dizziness, fatigue rash, etc., are generally mild, do not require special treatment, and symptoms are severe, and you need to seek medical treatment.

Does taking emergency contraceptives affect your baby?

After taking emergency contraceptives, if you fail to get pregnant unfortunately, for women who do not want their babies, they can only choose people to stop pregnancy.

However, for women who are willing to want their babies, they are worried about whether the drug will cause the baby’s deformity.

In fact, this problem who (World Health Organization) has been clear that there is no data on the first (Zuojino Peridone) emergency contraceptives, which will currently show that the abortion rate, deformity rate and neonatal complications will be increased after pregnancy.In other words, the baby after this drug failure can continue to be pregnant.

But for Mepitarone, there is no sufficient data to show whether it has an impact on the baby.

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